Principals Wish List

2017-2018 Principal’s Wish List

There are many things the Sarasota school district simply does not pay for. Our mission is to provide funds for the enhancement of education at Riverview High School when there are no other funding sources.

Below is a list of the most needed items on the Principal’s wish list for this year.


Total Cost: $35,000
Our goal is to graduate 100% of our students by supporting them and embracing their changing needs. Funding needed for Academic Interventions:

  • AP study materials for underprivileged students
  • Teacher stipends to support student learning and successful pass rate of AP students
  • ACT and SAT remediation for students to successfully pass the FSA 10th grade graduation requirements
  • Teacher stipends for ACT and SAT remediation
  • Teacher stipends to support remediation of CTE students to increase the levels of proficiency Transportation costs for students who stay after school for academic assistance

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Total Cost: $33,700
Unlike any other program, the “Stars to Starfish” Aquaculture Aquadome requires 24-hour maintenance, supervision, and development. The kids (fish and coral) never go home. The district and school play a huge role financially, but it just is not adequate.
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Total Cost: $74,000
Each of our counselors currently works with over 400 students while the suggested standard is 250 to allow counselors the maximum opportunity to work with students. We have one college and career specialist who is now responsible for working with all 2,500 students. We need college counselor with expertise to assist our students.
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